This is a copy of the email I received from Brusa with the updated monitoring and logging software. Skip it and go to the bottom for my notes. You may need to "save as source" on the links to download the files.

Subject: NLG
Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2001 15:07:55 +0200

Hello John,

I heard from your problem with datalogging on NLG.
Soory for the monlog, there is a little bug that can't write to a harddisk.

I send you a file nlglog.exe
You have to: start theis programm and the drive to restore the image must be
Then from a you can install this soft with install.exe

At the end you have 3 files in the insttaled directory:
install.exe,install.ini and nlglog.exe

to log the first time you have to write
        nlglog 1 log e          (1=commport)
(the parameter are the same as by monlog)

I hoppe this can helpl you...
And good luck

Best regards


nlglog.EXE (packed file which muct be copied to floppy to expand) 1.4 megs

It works! I finally got it moved to a PC and unpacked the above file to get:

Frankly, I have no idea why it was sent as such a file in the first place, as it only contains these 3 files, totalling 206K. I packed them for easy downloading into: - zipped file of above 3 files (86K)
nlglogz.exe - self extracting zip file (156K)

Copy the above files to the directory you want to run the program and unzip.  I think only nlglog.exe is really necessary though. The args are the same as with monlog.

I added c:\nlglog to my path in the autoexec.bat file, and use a .bat file with the command:

nlglog 1 e mono log c:\monlog\mon.log  logsec:60 overwrite

When you are logging, you will be given a choice of which parameters you want to log by tabbing through or clicking on the field with the mouse. You will end up with a space delimeted text file.