1970 Porsche 914
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Owner: John RA Benson
Location: Berkeley, California
Email: jrab
Web Site: http://www.e-m-w.com
Base Vehicle: 1970 Porsche 914
Motor: Advanced DC FB-4001
Drivetrain: Original 5 speed transmission with clutch
Controller: Curtis 1231C
Batteries: Twenty Saft STM-100
System Voltage: 120 Volts
Charger: Brusa NLG412
Heater: Hair Driers
DC/DC Converter: Sevcon
Instrumentation: a) Ammeter BC29 for Brusa, E-meter
b) Tachometer - reflective tape marks on flywheel driving 555 circuit through opto-electronic sensor 
c) Voltmeter
Top Speed: 85 + mph
Range: 60 mile? high speed freeway driving
Seating Capacity: 2.5 (tight)
Curb Weight: guessing approximately 2700 pounds
Tires: Bridgestone Turanza, 195 60 15
Daily commuter, 32 miles round trip. 
In addition to conventional EV conversion component swap (conversion done with ElectroAutomotive VoltsPorsche kit), also replaced entire suspension and front brakes: swapped out front calipers for BMW320i ATI calipers (bolt on, no mods necessary other than bending brake lines) & replaced master cylinder with 914-6/911 master cylinder